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When are CBSE ( Central Board for secondary Education) Results for class X declared?
CBSE Results for class X (10) are declared in the fourth or fifth weeks of May every Year. These Results may be declared in Phases according to the 8 regions of CBSE.
In 2011 they were declared in 5 Phases beginning with 31 May for 1 region in the morning and 1 more region during evening. CBSE Result X 2011 for the last region was declared on 10 June 2011.
In 2010 CBSE Result X was declared in single phase on 28 May 2010 at 8 AM.
Has someone predicted corrected dates of CBSE class 10 Result during the last few years?
We have predicted correctly dates of CBSE Results class 10 during the last 6 years through our websites.
How do we predict dates of CBSE Results X?
This is done by considering the dates of CBSE Result X during the last several years.
In 2012 too we will keep you updated with the latest happenings about CBSE class X results. So visit our website regularly for the same. You may also subscribe to our newsletter to get information in your Email.
16 May 2012
Estimated Date of Declaration of CBSE Result 2012  class X : 27 May 2012 + - 5 Days

21 May 2012 
CBSE Result 2012 class X Phase 1 Declared (1 region/ 8 regions). Check result at

23 May 2012
Register for individual and school wise results (remaining 7 regions) now and get the result in email when declared.  Visit
25 May 2012
Statistics CBSE Result X 2012. Percentage of students, boys, girls qualified for higher classes. 

28 April 2013
Estimated Date of Declaration of CBSE Result 2013  class X : 25 May 2012 + - 5 Days

26 May 2013
CBSE Result 2013 class X (phase 1) declared. Check Now at

19 May 2014 New
CBSE Result 2014 class X (phase 1) declared. Check Now at



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